Richard is currently an English language and a drama teacher at a public middle school (grades 6-8) in Berkeley, California.  His passion is using drama techniques to teach language.  He teaches English through Drama, a class specifically designed for newcomer students to develop their English language capacity in all four domains: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  He also teaches Academic Language Development, a class designed for long term ELL students focusing on academic literacy, both oral and written.  In addition, he teaches drama classes to non-ELL students. He has been a teacher since 1980, with an MA in language and literacy and teaching credentials from the University of California, Berkeley. During the academic year 2015-2016, he was an English Language Fellow based in Kampong Cham, Cambodia.  There he taught TESOL methodology, classroom practice, and English to pre-service Cambodian teachers.  In addition, he created multiple workshops in English teaching for novice and experienced teachers as well as Peace Corps volunteers throughout Cambodia. In 2016-17 he served as an English Language Specialist, providing online mentoring and support for novice teachers in Cambodia where he returned, during the summer of 2017, to observe and support these teachers in their classrooms. He returned in the summer of 2019 to conduct multiple workshops for teachers and teacher trainees all over Cambodia with the broad topic of “Engaging Young Learners” All of these projects were funded by the U.S. Department of State's English Language Programs   During the summer of 2017 he created a program for Chinese High School students in Nansha, China, where he gets to work exclusively on English Language Teaching and Drama techniques. This program is part of the University of California's Bay Area Writing Project and he continues teaching in that program every summer.  He has worked and trained as an actor, theatre teacher, director and playwright with many professional theatre companies in the San Francisco Bay Area: Shotgun Players, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, American Conservatory Theatre, Marin Theatre and others.