Activities and Lessons

Click on the titles to the left (or on + sign above for the mobile version) and you will find directions and videos that describe various activities I have done using drama to teach English to students who are new to the language.  Most I have done with my middle school students in Berkeley, Ca., in classes composed mostly of newcomers (currently I teach a group of 25 with 14 different home languages). Some are from teacher trainings I have done in the U.S., Cambodia and China. Some are from a Bay Area Writing project program I developed during the summer of 2017 and continue to do every summer: using drama to teach English to high school students in Nansha, China.  Many are short activities that can enhance your current ELT teaching; others are more involved and take days, if not weeks to implement.  I will be adding to this page on a regular basis as I compile many of the activities/strategies I have done in the course of my career, so keep on checking back, or better yet, click on subscribe to receive notifications of new postings in your inbox.