Here are some of my favorite blogs/websites/books etc. that are devoted to English Language Teaching and Drama, or to some aspect of each. They  inform my teaching and thinking about working with English Language Learners and in using Drama for this work. Keep on checking back as I will be adding to this regularly.


1.  The Six Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners.  Here they are laid out in a nice, clear and interactive format, courtesy of TESOL international association.

2. Tan Huynh has developed a fantastic webpage--Empowering ELLs.  His work has inspired me to share what I do and have learned.  If you visit only one site, and subscribe to only one blog related to ELT, this is the one.

3.  Jennifer Gonzalez' "Cult of Pedagogy" is not specific to English language teaching, however it is about excellent teaching practices in general. In particular her work around technology in the classroom is quite good.  Her podcasts are insightful and helpful to all levels of teachers. 

 4.   Larry Ferlazzo has been at this for a long time.  His website of the day is a great resource.  His latest book, "The ELL teachers toolbox" is a must. 

5. American English at U.S. Department of State.  I discovered this and then used it all the time when I was working as an English Language Fellow in Cambodia.  How I managed for the years before is beyond me.  Endless ideas and stimulation.

6. In Their Own Words: Drama With Young English Language Learners by Daniel Kelin II.  When I first came up with the idea of creating a drama class exclusively for my ELL students I came across this book at a theatre educator conference when it was first published and it helped shape my curriculum.  Highly recommended.  Here is his website as well:

7.  This offers an inclusive community where all teachers can find a community of practice to share ideas, collaborate, and continue learning.  Lots of practical ideas, videos, webinars.  A growing professional learning community devoted to English Language Teaching.

8.  Drama books. I often take "regular" drama class staples and adapt them for a more language centric approach.  Here are some that I refer to regularly, a list that is by no means exhaustive.

Drama Techniques--Alan Maley and Alan Duff

Tableau Classroom Drama Activities—Rosalind M. Flynn

Games for Language Learning—Andrew Wright

Stories: Narrative activities in the Language Classroom—Ruth Wajnryb

Teachers Act Up--Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor

Teaching Literacy through Drama—Baldwin

Stage by Stage: a handbook for using drama in the second language classroom--Ann F. Burke & Julie C. O’Sullivan

Strategies for Playbuilding: Helping Groups Translate Issues into Theatre --Will Weigler

Theatre for Community, Conflict and Dialogue--Michael Rohd

Games for Actors and Non-Actors—Augosto Boal

House of Games—Chris Johnston

Acting, Learning & Change:  Creating original plays with adolescents—Jan Mandell and Jennifer Lynn Wolf

Theatre Games for Young Performers I and II--Maria C. Novelly

200 + ideas for Drama--Anna Scher

Play building--Errol Bray

Let’s Improvise--Milton E. Polsky

Theatre Games for the classroom--Viola Spolin

Improvisation for the theatre--Viola Spolin

A Handbook for creative dance and drama--Allison Lee

9. Story Cards—I use this for so many activities, excellent for lessons for substitute teachers, as once students are familiar with them they enjoy creating sentences, scenes, stories, etc. based on them.