Vehicle Sculptures

Part A

Vehicle people sculptures

In this part students work in groups of four or five.  The first step is for them to create a list of vehicles…as many as they can.  I find it helps if they are given an introduction as a whole class where we come up with a few “real” vehicles, things that exist in the world (examples are cars, trains, elevators), and a few “imaginary” vehicles, things that, at least as far as we know, do not. (examples could be a time machine, or a flying carpet). 

After they come up with a list the students choose 5 that they will make into a “people sculpture”.  That is they use the people in their group to create the component parts of the vehicle.  In one example one group made a bicycle.  The components they showed were:  the handlebars, the wheels, and the seat.  An option could include the human that uses the vehicle.  They might have to research the English words for the components of their vehicle—a very authentic vocabulary gathering activity.

They then present their sculptures to the class.  They use this template to speak:

Our vehicle is _____________________

It is a(n) _____________________________vehicle.

              Real or Imaginary

 The component parts are:

 Here are some video links to various vehicles created in my classes.  What would cause a character to need a vehicle?  This is what we explored in part II of this activity, which I will post next.